Android cant MTP connect USB

Up until recently with Windows 10 i was able to connect my android device via MTP Mode. One day i went to connect (to add Arnold Schwarzenegger voice to my Waze app 🙂 and found I couldn’t “DO IT NOW!” I even tried manually updating the driver and kept getting “A service installation section in the INF is invalid.”  I’ll save you all the details and hours of the CIA making you push too many pencils… or of digging for drivers with no luck to tell you that the windows 10 anniversary update killed the connect-ability.

If you’re having the issue simply go to C:\Windows\INF right click on “wpdmtp.inf” and hit “install” takes a few seconds and i had no actual notification saying it had in fact installed. I restarted, plugged back into my Android Phone and BAM.  I was able to GET TO DA CHOPPA!


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