The “Blizzard” of December 2009

Hello all,

If I’m honest, my arms and hands are killing me from all the shoveling. So I’m going to be quite short on words today. Check out these two videos.

The first is 23.5 hours time lapsed of the snowfall that hit the eastern seaboard of the USA on December 18-19th. 21.2 total inches of snow in this single spot. However I think there was a loss of height due to compression and wind. I’m estimating an even 2 feet of snow.

This next video is the painstaking act of digging out. The 1 min 3 seconds of video wasn’t close to how long it took and how much it sucked. Easily a few tons moved that day.





Now you can enjoy the snow and hard work without actually having to deal with any of it. Enjoy.




Now for some perspective.

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