Change ring time on Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus

UPDATE-This works with Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8


I wanted to know how to extend the ring time on my Samsun Focus Windows Phone 7. The ring time is the amount of time your phone will ring before it goes to voicemail. So I did some digging around. There are two ways to do this. Simply call up AT&T (or your provider) and tell them you want to extend your ring time to X seconds (max is 30 seconds) but I already knew this. I didn’t want to stay on the phone for 20 minutes to make a 10 second change.

You can do it right from your phone, it’s quite easy. Here are the steps. (keep in mind you never have to listen for anything that you’re dialing, just watch the screen)

– First go to your phone dial pad and dial “ *#61# “ (no quotes)

– You will see a screen come up that says that your ring time is set to X seconds (I think default is 20 seconds)

– Next go to your address book or right from your phone pad and retrieve your voice mail phone number

– Now go back to your dial pad and dial “  **61*+15555555555*11*30#  “  and hit Send. (555— is your voice mail number) the “30” in this is the amount of seconds you want the phone to ring, so change that accordingly.  To get the “  +  “ sign simply hold down the 0

–  You should get a prompt that says it was successful

– Go back to your dial pad and redial “  *#61*  “ and you will see the amount of time has been changed.

I called my phone from another to make sure it redirected correctly and that I could still leave and retrieve voice mails and it worked like a charm.

Now when you are eating dinner and you get that call, instead of leaping up from the table, knocking your plate on the floor, stepping on the cat and falling up the steps… You can just walk…


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