Installing Active Directory on Windows Server 2008

This post isn’t really too detailed or new for that matter. But I wanted to document the process of activating/installing Active Directory as a domain controller if for whatever reason you need to reference this for your SharePoint farm.

Step 1) Go to Start > Run and type in “dcpromo”

Step 2) The setup process will do its thing and start the wizard

Step 3) The wizard starts, leave the advanced mode unchecked

Step 4) Hit “Next”

Step 5) Select “Create a new domain in a new forest”

Step 6) Give your domain a actual full name. Keep in mind that when you are referencing your domain you’ll just need to type the first part of the domain. Like in my case dev/eharlan

Step 7) Select your forest functional level. The latest version gets you all the newest features. Only select old version if you know you don’t need the new functionality

Step 8) Select if you need a DNS server applied to the server

If you choose not to, expect this dialog box

Step 9) Choose where you’d like your logs placed. There is no real right place.

Step 10) Select an administrator password for Directory Services

Step 11) View the summary page. Everything look good? ok moving on.

Step 12) Now the wizard will install all components

Step 14) Solid, hit finish and restart. You’re good to go.

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