How to migrate SharePoint 2003 to MOSS 2007

Ok so a lot of the questions I get asked is how do you Migrate/Upgrade an existing SharePoint 2003 to MOSS/WSS 3.0 2007. Here’s the secret, there is no easy, set way. It all depends on what you have to start with and where you’re going with it in the end. For example, if you have a out of the box instance of 2003 and you just want to move it all over to MOSS/WSS 3.0 you can try the “upgrade method”, however no one really recommends this because the moment you have anything that has been customized (or unghosted) in 2.0 it will throw a wrench in your upgrade.

The other scenario that I see a lot is a really jacked up v2 setup that needs to be cleaned up, optimized and  put into a new MOSS environment.   This can be good, or bad. The bad is when you need to carry the same look and feel, customizations and features over from v2. That is significantly more work and I cant even get into that one right now. The GOOD is when the organization realizes they want a single look and feel and a branded approach to all their team sites. This works to your favor because all the customizations and features that were in your v2 world are now obsolete and you can concentrate on moving just the data.

We’ve done this in two steps. The first step is to get the data into your new world. Take note there are literally about 4-5 ways to do this. This is only one way and I’m sure many will let me know there are other ways.

First you have to get you data out of the old world. So what we did was:

1)  Backed up your v2 environment

2)  Stood up a duplicate v2 VPC environment

3)  Made the UPGRADE from v2 to v3 in the virtual

4)  Backed up the Newly upgraded V3 data

5)  Moved the data to a staging MOSS v3

6)  Start moving the data to its new location, combining libraries, deleting others etc


Now there is one main flaw with this method. The time it takes to do this process, data in your old world is now not in sync with the new world, because you never took the old world offline. Heres the trick. The idea was established that we can take the run a report to get a list of the few files that might have been modified since the migration started X days ago. Easier said than done.

Marc Fruth, one of Sogeti’s Principal guys found a sweet freebie on CodePlex. Here’s his post:

I just wanted to highlight a utility which has been very helpful in my current engagement.

I’m involved in a SP2003 to SP2007 migration which also involves a large amount of restructuring during the migration from old to new. Without getting into the details of the migration, I needed to find a way to locate any changes which may have occurred on the old site during the two day (average) restructuring before we “turned on” each new site. I could then manually copy over those few items to the new site. SPAlertsReports (WSS2003) and its newer version, SPNewsletter (WSS 2007), can be used to build a report of all changed or new items found in Windows Sharepoint Services sites collections. The date range searched for is easily set in the configuration file, and a report is published as a web page with links to each changed item. This tool has proved invaluable and has become a permanent part of my SharePoint Toolbox.

What Marc doesn’t say, is that he freaking translated the partial French that was used in the display results. Im sure a comment on his blog will net you the converted files. 

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