New Fios Router Cant Remote Desktop

Verizon Fios Cant RDP on internal network
So here I am minding my own business moving and bam no more RDP!
Seriously, I recently moved and I had Fios at my old home. I turned in my router and all the equipment, packed up my machines and headed West.  When I got to my new home, I unpacked my  machines plugged them into my new Fios router and was off and running.

Only problem was I couldn’t not RDP (Remote Desktop) from one machine on the internal side of my network to another machine in my network. Literally nothing had changed in my configuration at all except for the new router. So obviously I started there. I tried Port Forwarding and made sure I could tell my router that when I hit my router from outside my network (the internet) that the RDP request (on port 3389) would FORWARD to the specific machine on the internal side of my network and allow me to RDP into that machine from outside. That worked perfectly fine.

Then I made sure that I could RDP from INTERNAL of my network (any 192.168.x.x address) to servers OUTSIDE on the internet. That worked just fine as well. So what the heck changed?!
Well I’ll tell you, the network changed… its entire IP range. So the very last thing I did after trying to reset my TCP/IP Stack and the whole nine was to check the actual machines themselves. You know, the machines that never changed, why would I check them first?

Semantics my friend.. Semantics.

So I hooked up a monitor to my media server (the machine I was trying to RDP to) and starting looking at the firewall settings. What I found was very interesting but made complete sense.
In Control Panel > Firewall Settings > Incoming rules and started poking around. I didn’t really see anything out of the ordinary except that there were two rules for incoming RDP requests. Then it hit me

One was set for the “Private” profile and the other was set for the “Public” profile. In the photo below you can see that Remote Desktop (TCP-In) for the Domain,Private “Profile” is set to “No” but if you notice below that, “Public” Profile is Not allowed. This is the issue. When you plugged in to the new router, the computer now assumes you are on a public network no longer the private.


So I went over to my network settings and realized that my old machines were looking for my old fios connections or my “PRIVATE” profile to allow connections into RDP sessions so “Home or Work (Private) networks read as “Not Connected”. Since I was on a new network, it assumed it was a “PUBLIC” network and restricted access to RDP sessions as part of the firewall security.

Now to fix it.

Go to Control Panel > Windows Firewall

Take note if your “Home or Work (Private) network shows as “Not Connected” like mine did below.



Next at the top right of the window select “Control Panel Home” (if you’re not on windows 7 just go back to your Control panel/Network settings) Now click on “Network Settings” (or Network Sharing Center).  On my setup the “Active Network” is set to public but I was clearly plugged into my private router.



If you click on “Public Network” you can go through the process of reallocating your home network from PUBLIC … BACK … to your HOME (private) network.

Once you’re done that your machine will now allow internal RDP sessions!!  Enjoy.







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