Nokia Lumia Stuck on Gears

Wanna know what really grinds my gears?

I found pretty amazing with the Nokia Lumia 920. I recently received an unlock code from ATT for my Lumia 920. I proceeded to unlock then phone then do a factory reset to wipe my data clean. Im hoping to sell the phone to someone that wants the Lumia but not the network contract.

Once I started the reset, I noticed the Windows Phone “gears of death” grinding away at my anticipation.  The only problem is they didn’t stop. A known issue with the Lumia 920 is these gears locking up the refresh process after you unlock a phone.  I started reading about how I needed to use Nokia Care Suite to download the firmware to reflash the phone, then after doing that reading that the software was no longer available from Nokia and you had to rely on archival packages. It got messy real quick to say the least.

I then stumbled onto a simple post in a form that seemed so absurd it couldn’t be true. The post stated that to clear this issue do the following:

Do a soft reset on your phone while it is plugged in: (Volume down + Power button for 10 seconds)

Once the phone restarts do the following, one at a time for 3 seconds each.

  • Volume Up
  • Volume Down
  • Power button
  • Volume Down


Put the phone down and get a drink. When you come back you’ll find that your phone reset and it was waiting for you to run through the setup process.  Pretty incredible what developers work into firmware to get past odd issues. Enjoy. This may work on other Lumias like the 1020, 720 or 820 not sure.

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