PFE Meet and Greet 2014 and Survival guide

Well hello there. (Obligatory comments here around not blogging enough),

As we all gear for what is sure to be another sleep deprived jaunt around Las Vegas for the 2014 SharePoint Conference I’ve seen a few “Survival Guide” posts come out. I wanted to give you all the information that you REALLY need.


1) Bring one of those spare battery rechargers.  Outlets at a SharePoint Conference are guarded as closely as the last beer at open bar night.

2) A case of 5 hour energies. When the going gets tough, 2 or 3 of them MIGHT keep you awake for another hour max. It is Vegas however, so the chances of finding a hook up for a direct line of adrenaline is probably possible.

3) Pre-register for #SPC200 and #SPC277. Let’s face it the room of 20 chairs they setup for us gets filled up fast. Fast like the new line that opens in the buffet hall. You know … the one when you make eye contact with the other conference going on in the far line.  And suddenly “Eye of the tiger” comes over the loud speaker of your mind.

Every third seat will have water balloons to be used at your discretion (aim for Mark).

4) Make sure you attend the PFE meet and greet on Tuesday evening before the attendee party. We’ll be getting together at Zeffrino at 5pm until about 6:30 (Translation provided by Peter Griffin

We hold this event each year to talk to folks who are considering the PFE role (I know we’re hiring like mad), as well as currently and considering customers for Microsoft Premier Support. Ever wanted a direct line to someone at Microsoft that can help you with your SharePoint questions. Here’s your chance to make that contact.

No need to register just crash the restaurant and mention “PFE”. Drinks are on you, I have to say that otherwise 10,000 people will crash the restaurant 🙂

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