Which SharePoint 2010 Web Application Pool controls which Service Account?

Today I got a chance to dig into IIS and really get a look at what is going on with SharePoint 2010 Web Applications.

I had gone through a full blown SharePoint install. I created some of my Service Applications and as a result needed to create some Web Applications to drive those Service Applications.  I jump over to IIS to look and see how they were built out and realized I had a bunch of Guid Web Application Pools.

I found myself asking Which Web Application Pool controls which Service Account?

So here’s a quick post on how to figure out which GUID web application controls which.

First go to Start > Administration Tools > IIS



Next highlight one of the GUID web application pools, Right click and select “View Applications”


Next expand the column for Physical Path.

If you look at the end of the physical path you can see which Service Application it is running in SharePoint.


So why is this so freaking confusing?  Well if you think about it, it makes sense. Now that we have Service Applications and each service can be its own entity. In addition we can have multiple Service Applications of the same type (i.e. multiple Excel Services Service Applications).  So if you have a bunch there is a risk of naming conflicts hence the GUIDS.


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