VirtualBox Failed to create virtual box COM object

Quick note for all you early adopters out there that are testing out the new SharePoint 2010. Since Microsoft has put out a new requirement of needing to be on a 64bit operating system. With that there are a lot of developers scrambling to find a good solid virtual environment that will allow you to run a 64bit guest on a 32bit host. At least until they can upgrade their hardware that is.

In comes Sun’s VirtualBox. VirtualBox is Sun’s FREE virtual machine software. It allows you to run 64 bit guests on 32 bit hosts (slowly, but it’s a start). Luckily for me I have a 64 bit platform so I don’t use that side of things however; I have used VirtualBox to the extent of consuming my old VirtualPC files. There is no customization needed to do this, you literally open up VirtualBox, point it to your old VHD file and you’re off and running.

However I ran into a doozy of an issue today, completely by accident. I was copying some virtuals down to my usb hard drive while trying to open up another virtual machine on my computer itself. I got the following error.

After uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times with various build releases and googling for a few mins and reading everything from manually starting VboxSVR.exe to running VirtualBox under administrator, I got fed up and yanked out my drive and started off to my client site. However, something came up and I went back to my machine and I wanted to try one more thing. It was unrelated, but still somehow I came back to trying to start my VM up. And wouldn’t you know it, it came up.

So what changed? You won’t believe this. But the USB drive was not plugged in this time. Yes you read correctly. Having my USB hard drive (Seagate) plugged in made VirtualBox not start correctly.

I tested it on both my home machine and my work laptop with the same result.

So if you get this error…. Unplug your drive.

(side note this was a Windows 7 OS 64 bit with 4 and 8 gigs of ram, and this only seemed to happen with my seagate usb hard drive, not my others)

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