Windows Phone 7 How to Mount a MicroSD and Get SkyDrive to sync DOWN to your phone

Hey! My first Windows Phone 7 posts #wp7 !

Luckily since the interface is pretty intuitive it will be a short post. First let me give you a little background on what I was facing.

On November 18th when all Microsoft employees were allotted to get their new phones, I thought I would be clever since I was in Seattle (Bellevue specifically), I would run over to Bellevue Square and go to that AT&T store to get my phone on the morning the store opened. Well what I didn’t know is that’s the day that the Bellevue Microsoft Store was opening. So instead of being one of the first people in line I was like 14th.  No biggie the employees went through customers pretty easily and I had a phone in my hand within the hour.

When standing at the counter I was upsold on a 32 gig card. I relented as I didn’t think I’d really need that much storage on my phone. I had a traditional WP 6.5 phone with a 16 gig card in it and found that I never got close to using that much storage even with all my photos and apps installed. So I opted for the 16gig card. Knowing full well based on reading I was doing for other customers during phone launch day that the card may or may not mount correctly. I took a risk.

The employee, put in the card, turned on the phone and as soon as the phone fully started hit the key combo to restart the phone and mount the card. I was headed out the door when on the phone it read something to the effect of “restarting and reloading…this will take about 10 mins”. Well I drove all the way to the Issaquah campus with this prompt on my screen. It was about 30 mins total. I got tired of waiting and restarted the phone and started playing with it. I noticed at that point that the card did not mount correctly.

I had some bum hardware as my phone wasn’t charging even though I had it plugged in all day so I took it back to the store that night and after a 2 hour wait had the phone replaced. Mentioned to the new employee that card didn’t mount either.

His process was different, he started up the phone (with out the card in it), went through the entire phone’s setup process, powered down the phone, put the card in, started it back up, THEN did the key combo to mount the card.

The card mounted fine.  I’m not saying yours will mount fine I’m simply saying, when we used that exact process the card purchased from ATT mounted just fine. This was a Samsung Focus.. I guess i should mention that.


Now the second part of this story, and second find.

When I got the new phone and we were mounting the card, when prompted with the Windows Live sign in screen that is like step 2 in the wizard, you have the option to skip this portion. I made the mistake of skipping this option.

As a result a feature I noticed I had when I used the first phone was not there when I had the new phone. Windows Phone 7 has the ability to pull from SkyDrive and Facebook photo albums and show them directly in your Photos section (brilliantly simple).

I hunted around for hours for a setting I thought for sure I had missed that told my phone not to sync my SkyDrive and Facebook photos. All I could find was options to upload images to skydrive or facebook when I took them from my phone.

Well here’s how you get it back if you find you skipped that portion of the setup. Its not pretty or elegant.

Reset your phone.

Yeah that sucks but it was worth it to me to get that feature back. No reason to do the full key combo reset just go to Settings > About > reset your phone. I did that and went through the “recommended” setup wizard. My card was still mounted and I got the feature back.

Keep in mind that if you change the Live ID you used to purchase anything, you don’t get that stuff back when you set your phone back up.

Hope that helps (wasn’t that short afterall)

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